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Welcome to the CGCA Annual Membership Online Application Site!
To apply for CGCA Annual Membership you must first have activated your online account on the Imperial Alumni System. If you need to do that then click the button to the right. (Click on 'Register for an Account' to the lefthand side.)
When you have an active Imperial Alumni System account, then 'Login' and update your details, such as email address, postal address, position in company and location. Also please set up your privacy profile to control the data you share with others. Use the same button as above. Make sure you write down your ' Alumni membership Number' aka CID. (8 digits) as you will need this for the membership form and on your standing order.
Once you are all set in the Alumni System then click the button to the right to complete the form.
The last step is to pay for membership. This is can be done by Standing Order from a UK bank account or by Paypal annual subscription. Once you submit the form above you will be given the payment options.

Any questions? Please contact the Faculty Office by email