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By applying to attend a CGCA or CGCA related event and submitting the event application form you are confirming you understand and consent to the following.

You may download these terms and conditions in pdf format by selecting the button below
• The data you provide on the form will be used by CGCA and its appointed agents to manage and operate the event. CGCA may contact you by post or electronically about this event.
• The data will be stored and processed by CGCA in conformance to data protection and privacy regulations in the UK. The data may be shared with Imperial College, sub contractors, caterers and agents involved in operating the event.
• The data will be deleted within 12 months of the event operation concluding. Note that activities to do with an event can continue after the event has occurred.
• Any dietary requirements you provide may be shared with the caterers or other parties involved in operating the event.
• Reports and reviews of the event may be created by CGCA and used online or in publications. These reports and reviews may mention your attendance.
• The event may be covered by a CGCA appointed photographer. By attending the event you agree that any images taken may include you or your guests and that CGCA may use these images online or in publications. Some of these online facilities and publications are available to the general public. Image data may be retained indefinitely in CGCA archives.
• If you are bringing guests then it is your responsibility to ensure they are aware of these terms and conditions, including to consenting for CGCA to store and process their personal data for the purposes of operating and managing this event.

If you have any questions or concerns about these terms and conditions please contact CGCA's Data Controller by email at