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The CGCA is run by a GENERAL COMMITTEE which is elected each year at the AGM. DEPARTMENTAL REPRESENTATIVES are members of the General Committee. If you wish to stand for a Departmental Representative post please send an email to the Honorary Secretary:

In the email please identify your year and Department (e.g. Civil, 91 - 95)
There are two DEPARTMENTAL REPRESENTATIVE posts per Department in which ACGI is awarded. (See current list to the left). A representative is responsible for all interactions with a College Department, including with alumni, students, staff, and departmental managment team and for encouraging alumni to join CGCA / be active in CGCA.

Responsibilities include:
INTERESTED? You must be a member of CGCA. Join online and then send that email!
DEPARTMENTS in which ACGI is awarded:

Design Engineering
Elec Eng
Mech Eng
• Be a member of the CGCA General Committee.

• Establish and maintain a network of members who are alumni of the Department.

• Encourage alumni of the Department to become members of CGCA.

• Encourage members of CGCA to be active in CGCA / attend events.

• Establish links to current students, in particular the Departmental Society, and work with students to arrange one Departmental event per year.

• Jointly with other Departmental Representatives, and working with Departments and students, arrange a Faculty wide event each year.

• Make applications for CGCA funding for Departmental activities to the Executive Committee.

• Establish links with the Deparmental Management Team and facilitate alumni input and involvement in the Department.

• Represent CGCA at Departmental events.