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C&G Union back on parade

Mustafa Arif (ISE 1999) reports on the 2000 Lord Mayor's Show

After a six-year interval, the City & Guilds College returned to the Lord Mayor's Show in November 2000, marking the culmination of nine months' work. Boanerges formed the centre-piece of a 45 foot long float inspired by the theme of the history of trade. The float was accompanied by musicians from IC Orchestra, performers from ICU Juggling Society and the motorised mascots of the RCS and the RSM.

Following months of planning, the construction of the float took several weeks. In the end, over 50 people were involved in helping assemble the final artefacts (and help pull Bo' up on to the lorry) on the evening before the Show. In a promising sign of interCCU co-operation, virtually the entire membership of all three CCU motor clubs were on hand to help out. Thankfully we managed to finish the everything in good time, at 11 pm. I understand that last time round, construction continued until 4am on the day of the Show!

The day itself was fantastic for all involved, despite the downpour. Additional photos can be viewed via the Show pages on the CGCU web site:

Far too many people to name were involved in aspects of the Show. Several, however, deserve a mention: Prof Brian Brisoce (former Dean), Prof Chris Hankin, (Dean) and Dinesh Ganeserajah (C&G Union President) were supportive throughout. Tom Medland (Comp 2) designed the float. Neil Madhvani (ISE 2), and Richard Tang (ISE 2) went out of their way to help with organisation. Peter Cheung (Deputy Head, Elec) organised our workshop space.

I would like to single out one person as I believe we owe him a great debt of gratitude. Mark Halliburton (Mech 2) first conceived the idea of entering a float in the Show and worked tirelessly throughout the past year to achieve that dream. In leading the construction effort, he spent many hours in the workshop, often alone, making sure everything was produced to schedule. Without him there would not have been a float. Thank you, Mark.

The most pleasing aspect of this year's involvement is that a new team, headed by Richard Tang, has been motivated to organise the 2001 entry. The float design is based around a 40 foot scale model of our mascot, Spanner. The Motor Club have also begun making preparations to ensure that Bo' will actually run in the procession this time.

To ensure the continued success of our participation, we need to raise funds through commercial sponsorship. The Union is currently looking to secure around 10,000 in funding to cover the costs of building the float -not to mention the 3,500 entry fee. This is a major opportunity for any company to publicly associate themselves with City & Guilds and Imperial College in front of over 700,000 spectators and over 30 million TV viewers world-wide.

Mustafa Arif was the 2000 Lord Mayors Show Co-ordinator: He has been elected C&G College Union President for 2001-02.

Lord Mayor's Show 2000
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