» Issue 33: Winter 2003/04

Letter from the Editor

Dear Members of the City & Guilds College Association

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... it was the epoch of belief it was the epoch of incredulity ..." So starts the beginning of 'The Tale Of Two Cities' by Charles' Dickens and it has been going round in my head since we appreciated the implications of City & Guilds College becoming a virtual college, and the Association losing the support of an Executive Secretary funded by Imperial College. The same thing has happened to the RSM and RCS associations. Over the last year, however, Peter Justesen, Hon Secretary and Treasurer, Sir Colin Terry, President, and Barry Brooks, Vice-President, have conducted some very delicate negotiations with John Perkins, the Principal of the Faculty of Engineering. He has agreed to appoint a Chapter Manager, who amongst her other duties, will help the associations to evolve.

This was the good news.

Just as we were coming to terms with losing Adrian Winchester, however, poor Peter Justesen (in a coma for the past two months) died. He was the anchor pin of our Association for the last ten years and held a tight reign over the Association’s expenses and procedures. We were all bereft by the sad news.

There was good news soon afterwards though. Bill McAuley (Chern 1960) offered to take on the role as Secretary of the Association. Bill is an Engineering Projects Consultant following a distinguished career in the engineering and industrial gas industry. Recently he was working for Chevron Texaco on a major cogeneration project in Normandy. Then Peter Chase (Comp 1982), volunteered to act as Treasurer of the Association. Peter works as Relationship Manager for BBC Technology. He lives near Bedford with his wife and two children.

Then John Bramley, the Honorary Secretary of the Royal School of Mines Association, and I had a couple of conversations about merging our two publications', 'Imperial College Engineer' and 'RSMA Update'. A meeting was held with the result that the Auutmn 2004 issue will, hopefully, be a joint venture, sharing editorial expertise and production.

More 'best times' was the Decade Reunion Luncheon that is organised and run by David Law. It was held on Saturday 29 November and was supported by a great group of 96 people, including 38 from 1973. Both Bill McAuley and Peter Chase were participants this year. Then just before Christmas, 62 members (including Sir Hugh Ford) and guests' enjoyed an excellent Christmas Lunch, preceded by Professor Rod Smith’s provocative discourse on what should be done for our 21st century railways. A lively discussion ensued!

I must take this opportunity to say how very much we appreciate the contributions of John Gardiner (pictured below), who so expertly weaves your news and stories into 'Old Student Notes'. John has now been Editor of this column for a remarkable 30 years, providing quality and continuity in his inimitable way. Where would we be without him?

Thanks are also due to Barry Brooks, who has helped behind the scenes on this issue, as well as updating us with the latest developments regarding the new Engineering Chapter.

My one regret is that we could not find space for an item on the Links Club in this issue, but this will be rectified with the next.

Best Wishes for the New Year and I hope to be writing to you again later this year.

Yours sincerely

The Editor

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