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Join the CGCA today - that extra link with one of Europe's leading universities is yours by simply completing and returning your membership form.

Our membership form is available for you to download in PDF format:

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Alternatively, simply fill in the required details below press the "Submit" button, and a membership form will be posted to you asap.


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Types of Memberships

Several membership options are offered by the Association, as follows:

Annual Membership
By Standing Order only. Cost: £15.00 pa. Annual subscriptions are payable on joining and then in January each year.

Annual Membership for Current Undergraduate/Postgraduate Students
By Standing Order only. Cost: £3.00 for each year as a student and extending for two years after leaving Imperial College. If the first payment is made during the Autumn Term, it covers until 31st December on the following year.

Life Membership - By Single Payment
Cost (includes VAT at 17.5%) is £235.00, with a 50% discount for those over 65.

Life Membership - By Instalments
By Standing Order only. Paid in five equal instalments of 47.00 each.

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